Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fast, easy and cheap

First Published in January of 2007-
The prices have gone up a bit, but it is still a inexpensive and tasty meal. Sometimes people look askance at me when I describe this recipe, but it has never failed to please. Give it a try.

I was going to title this post “Simple recipes for simple guys“, but She-who-must-be-obeyed gave me one of those looks. So, I hope she likes this.

Note to my male readers: A man’s ability to cook an edible meal and clean up afterward is an attribute highly valued by women.

There is no shortage of cooking shows, magazines and websites. So I say, “why not me too?” Too often, recipes are unnecessarily complicated. There are too many ingredients and too many pans. So let’s simplify it.

Simple recipe #1 Beef and Beans
1 pound hamburger
1 can pork and beans
1 drizzle of molasses (you can use catsup instead)

Brown the hamburger in a skillet. Pour off the fat. Hold back the hamburger with a spatula while draining the fat. (Try not to lose too much of the meat. Don’t use a strainer - it’s just something else to wash.) Add one can of beans and some molasses (or ketchup). Stir well then heat over medium low heat until it bubbles. If you are feeling fancy you can add some extras - not necessary to the recipe: a splash of Worcestershire sauce, and/or sprinkle some cheese on top. Let it melt. I’ve used grated and sliced cheese. Use what’s on hand. It’s surprisingly good with a slice of bread or a hot buttered tortilla to push it on the fork. It’s dinner for two and maybe some extra. The clean up is a snap. Cost:
hamburger = $.99
beans: = $.50
generous estimate for extras: =$.50.
Grand total= $1.99

Easy, cheap, and fast. It’s what a guy wants in a good recipe.


dean0 said...

I would put a few "minced" minced Greek peppers in as well.

dean0 said...
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dean0 said...

(minced=Minced)=that means chop 'em little fellers inta really tiny tiny pieces!

Aunt Jenny said...

Keep telling my husband how to cook! Thanks!!!!!