Monday, May 17, 2010

Slow BBQ

The spring weather in the Grand Valley is calling for a BBQ. I have a gas grill, but this tear I wanted to add slow cooking to the outdoor mix. That calls for a kettle cooker and indirect heat.

The meat is a piece of chuck roast from the freezer. It is a flavorful and cheap cut of meat. This was on sale for $1.65 a pound. Note the thermometer, it's an important tool to getting it right.

We added a few carrots in a foil pack and a sweet onion in another.

Both vegetables were seasoned with a little butter and salt. The carrots got a splash of balsamic vinegar, too.

Using indirect heat lets the roast cook through. All the coals are on one side, the meat and vegetables are on the other. Using a thermometer makes it easy to cook the meat to the right level of doneness.

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