Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ham and eggs

I like deviled eggs, but seems I only think of them once a year. Every Easter someone in the family makes a big batch. A couple of dozen eggs, lots of peeling, mixing, and stuffing goes on. And once it's done we forget about deviled eggs until next year.

It's a shame because they are really easy to make. A couple of days ago I hard boiled some eggs for use in a chef's salad. A big chef salad is an easy and cool dinner for these hot evenings.

This morning I peeled the last two eggs and mixed them with a dash of mustard and enough mayo to make a moist paste. You don't need a recipe, you know how you like them. A little paprika makes the look fancy, but is not all that important.

In fact you don't even need the mayo. Try a little ranch dressing. Add a slice of deli ham and you have an easy and cool summer breakfast.

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ham recipe said...

It's my favorite thing to do with my leftover hams, salad! I cubed them and slice some boiled eggs, some pineapple tidbits, a little mayo and cooked macaroni pasta! That's it, just chill and then serve! Love it!