Sunday, January 13, 2013

Roasted squash soup

Fall is here.  The cooler weather means a change in cooking styles for me.  Soups and stews and slow roasted meat are all on the menu.

Last night we made a pot of roasted squash soup.  Thanks to neighbors we have lots of fresh squash and tomatoes.   There is a lot of possible variation for this recipe, use what you have.  I recently roasted a small turkey and made stock with the bones.

Recipe # 47  Roasted Squash Soup with Turkey

3 to 5  fresh squash - yellow and/or zucchini
2 handfuls of grape tomatoes
2 quarts turkey stock (or chicken stock)
cut cooked turkey or chicken
fresh basil
olive oil
salt and pepper
The sequence: cut, seasoned and roasted.

Peel and seed the squash. Spread cut squash on a cooking sheet. Add the rest of the vegetables.  Drizzle olive oil over the vegetables and mix to coat. Season to taste. Put the sheet into a 425 degree oven. Roast about 30 minutes or until vegetables start to brown. Stir after 20 minutes.

When the stock is hot and the vegetables are done add a quarter to a half to the pot and blend with a immersion blender.  This will thicken the broth and provide a favorable base to the soup.  Add the rest of the vegetables and cooked-cut chicken or turkey to the pot and heat through.

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