Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Big Bang Breakfast

If you watch The Big Bang Theory (and you should), you will have heard Howard Wolowitz asking his wife Bernadette for a breakfast of salami and eggs.

I had some hard Italian salami in the fridge and being a food adventurist I looked for some recipes.  Turns out it's not hard salami at all.  I should have known a good Jewish boy like Howard would be talking about something else.

I found this: Ed’s Salami and Eggs on the NYT Diner's Journal
Ed and I both grew up eating salami and eggs. You cut thick slices of salami (Ed’s right: kielbasa is better, but we didn’t know that back then), into chunks and brown them a little bit. In Ed’s household you would use that as the base of an omelette; in mine, you would scramble the eggs, keeping them soft, and top with mustard. (I don’t usually disagree with Ed, but when he’s wrong, I have to say so.) These were the delicacies that defined New York a half-century ago. –MB

Real salami, the Italian or French kind, is raw and rank and often quite hard. The salami I grew up with, the New York kosher kind, is cooked and garlicky and generally quite soft. Not a salami at all, really. More a non-pork variation on a typical Eastern European garlic sausage — think kielbasa. This is no surprise when you consider where most of New York’s Jews came from. More Pinsk than Padua.
Ah ha. I had some kielbasa, too. Add some red onion.

And, four of those farm fresh Fruita eggs and a real breakfast is shaping up. It's an explosion of flavor happening in the pan.

The comment section of the Diner's Journal has a little back and forth as to the correct topping/condiment.  Some people think ketchup is the only acceptable choice.  Others swear by mustard.  I've used mustard on scrambled eggs before this and I like it.

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