Monday, March 23, 2015

Trout and hush puppies

Trout on the grill - you've seen this method on the blog before.  Nancy and I caught these on a quick trip to the lake.  Spring is in the air when it's warm enough to fish in the bright sun.

To go with these Nancy made some hush puppies - (where does the name really come from?)

From her blog post: SPRING LUCK
I was looking for an old fashioned sweet hush puppy like my grandmother used to make, but times have changed and what I found was from Paul Prudhomme, found here. We had fried trout with the couture hush puppies. Those puppies have onion, green onion tops, red pepper, and only one egg, but after setting for a couple of hours in the fridge, the juices from the vegetables incorporate themselves into the flour and cornmeal and give an excellent texture. Beware these pups are fried, and I used only a film of grease, but they soaked up every bit of that canola oil. Not low calorie, but delicious. (And I did not find one recipe that called for just cornmeal, flour, egg and sugar, like Mom used to make.)

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