Monday, July 13, 2015

Paleolithic grill

If the original paleo population of men were cooking lots of meat, they were not using Weber grills. No iron - no grill - no problem.

This method is also known as caveman steak, dirty steaks (they aren't), or Eisenhower steaks.  The former president was a big fan of using this technique.

Start with white hot charcoal.  Use real wood chunk charcoal, it burns hotter and cleaner than the pressed charcoal briquette. Nobody seems to know what all is in those briquettes. It's a good idea to use a chimney to start the coals so that there is no hint of starter fluid.

Lay the meat directly in the coals.  I used lamb shoulder chops that had been dry rubbed with salt, sugar, cumin, and oregano two hours before cooking.

 Turn using tongs.

Here is the finished product. A little char on the outside.  Medium rare inside. No grill to clean.

These turned out nice and juicy.  Nancy really liked them.  Since I have a whole bag of the hardwood chunks I'll do this again with a rib steak hiding in the freezer.  I might even try a 7 bone chuck  pot roast if I can find one

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dean0 said...

Nice, I do not think I could pull this one off.