Thursday, May 29, 2014

Whole Trout

Nancy and I went fishing.   She had not been for some time, but still has her skills. We took six fish in an hour and a half. Nancy caught four - the limit.

Whole fried trout, garden salad, and coleslaw

We rolled the fish in a mixture of flour and cornmeal seasoned with salt and pepper.
The fish was fried whole. We used a  mix of  oil and bacon  grease.


dean0 said...

Looks like you hacked their little heads off.

Ngọc Nguyễn said...

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dean0 said...

Cooking Carp

Our family had a recipe for carp, handed down for generations.

Dig a deep hole in the ground, pour in red-hot coals, and cover with a bucket of river mud. Lay carp on top of that, followed by another layer of mud and another layer of coals.

Cover and let simmer in the ground for 8 hours.

Dig it all up and eat the mud.

It tastes like carp, but you don't have to remove all those bones.